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We’ll dive into the property details you’ve shared with us. 

We will give you a call within 24 hours or sooner to get any additional information we might need and we’ll give you a FAIR ALL-CASH OFFER.

With that said, here’s our phone number: (833) 330-1625

Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions. 

And, make sure you have your phone near you in the next 24 hours because we’ll be ringing you to get a few more details so we can make you a fair offer asap.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Of course! We know it’s in our best interests and yours for us to offer you the fairest price upfront to keep both of us from wasting our time. That said, we do not pay retail prices – we’re investors, after all and this is our job. But we also streamline the process for selling your land meaning you don’t have to pay commissions or worry about a buyer backing out at the last minute. 

We find that many times when a buyer wants to sell their land by themselves, they end up having the land on the market for a very long time, leading them to reduce the price they originally thought they were going to get while also wasting their time. We also pay you in cash.

We have a very transparent process when it comes to giving you an offer for your land. First, we examine your land. After that, we take a look at other similar lots. We compare sizes, location, and the type of land.

Once we get a good idea of how much the land is worth to a retail buyer, we subtract our fees. These fees cover our time and other expenses as well as a bit of profit. Finally, we make you an offer.

When you work with an agent to help you sell your land, you make an agreement that you will pay them a commission if your land sells. You are often locked in with an agent meaning if you don’t think they’re doing a good job, you might not have other options.

When you work with us, the process is much simpler, faster, and straightforward . We make you a no-obligation offer, you decide if you want to accept, if you do, we send you cash.

No. Our offers are truly no obligation. When we make an offer to you, you can decide to accept it or not. You are in complete control the whole time.

You do not pay any commissions when working with us. As for taxes, liens, and closing costs, we generally pay for those so you don’t have to. We can give you a more accurate answer concerning these fees after you send us your information.

We’ve worked with sellers and have sent them cash in less than a couple of weeks; however, it usually takes a few weeks after contacting us to receive your cash.

No. It’s perfectly legal – and in our opinion, easier – to sell your land directly to a company like ours than go through a real estate agent and pay hefty commissions.

We just need a few pieces of information about the land in order to prepare an offer. Additionally, we’ll need some contact information from you so we can send you your offer.

In the decades we’ve been helping people sell their land, we’ve come across pretty much any situation you can think of. We usually have a solution for your problem – so this shouldn’t be a deterrent to you selling your land. 

Please contact us with your specific situation so we can give you a more detailed answer.

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