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Does this describe you…

Tired of throwing money down the drain by paying taxes on property you don't use or even want?
Have a property that was passed down to you and you don’t know what to do with it?
Has your property’s value depreciated and you’re just ready to cash out before losing any more value?
Changed your mind about land you wanted in the past, but now have no need for?
Need cash to invest somewhere else, need cash for an emergency, or just want a nice payday?
Don’t want to go through the painful process of selling your land to a private buyer?
Have land that you have no use for?

Get a No-Obligation Cash Offer for Your Land

Simply fill out the form to get started.

The Simple Process To Sell Your Land

How it works

Maybe you’ve tried to sell your land before and ran into the long and painful process of listing your land for sale and working with prospective buyers.

Or maybe you haven’t started yet and don’t know what the process entails.

The good news is we use a simple three step process to help you sell your land – making the whole process go by smoothly.

1. Send Us Some Info

Before we can give you an offer to buy your land, we need to know a few things. All you have to do is fill out your information and click on the “Get My Cash Offer” in the below form to get started.

2. Get your fair cash no-obligation offer

You receive your no-obligation cash offer for your land. We don’t want to waste your time going back and forth with negotiations, so we make sure to give you the best offer possible upfront.

3. Decide on the closing date

Throughout our process, you are in complete control and closing is no different. You get to choose the closing date that is convenient for you so you get your cash when you want it.

Get the Best Cash Offer

When you try to sell a property yourself, it usually takes a long time.

Most sellers end up slashing their land’s price over and over until they barely get anything for their property.

And that doesn’t even consider the headaches and waste of time!

Or if you work with an intermediary, you’ll have to pay commissions – that’s money out of your pocket.

How do we determine your offer?

We look at other comparable pieces of land around the area. We then deduct some based on our cost and a bit of profit for us. Then we give you the highest offer upfront.

No wasting time going back and forth.

Why sell your land with us?

We’ve been working in real estate helping sellers like you sell their land for the last two decades. During that time, we’ve developed the best process for selling your land that we’ve ever heard of.

Who is Eagle Cash Buyers?

We are Oren and Kelly and we’ve been helping people sell their vacant land for over a decade. We help our clients navigate the selling process so it’s not difficult, confusing, or time consuming. When you work with us, we help you every step of the way while getting you a great deal.

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When you sell your land with us you…

Get Fast Cash - When you sell your property with us, you don’t need to deal with banks, loan contingencies, or the buyer backing out of the sale at the last minute.
Avoid Agencies - You won’t have to work with an agency hoping they can sell your land. We give you a fair offer and give you cash quickly.
Work with a Cash Buyer - Did you know that when you sell your land for cash, it’s a much smoother process than selling to a buyer using other financing methods? Sell your land without worrying about all that other stuff.
Close Quickly - We’re not time wasters or tire kickers. We’re here to make this process go as quickly as possible to save us both time and money.
Don’t Pay Closing Costs - We’ll take care of closing costs so that’s one less thing you need to worry about (and more money in your pocket).
Don’t Pay Back Taxes - Worried about back taxes on your land you want to sell? We have you covered, we've paid back taxes for other sellers - we'll do the same for you.
Don’t Worry About Liens - Depending on the land you’re selling, we might be able to pay liens on the property.
Work with an Experienced Team - We’ve been helping people sell their land for decades. We think we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

We Buy All Types of Property

Here are just some of the types of properties we buy. This is not an exhaustive list:

Rural Acreage
Water Lots
Advertising Lots
Suburban Lots
Wet Land
City Lots
Agricultural Land

Get Started Now!

Stop throwing money down the drain by paying taxes on property you don’t use or even want

Simply fill out the form to get started.

Our Clients Love Working with Us

We’ve gotten a lot of compliments about how quick and easy our process is. Here are just some of the happy clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop the headaches and worrying about what to do with your land and get it sold as soon as possible with us.

Simply fill out the form to get started on your offer

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Here are the most common questions we have from our clients.

Of course! We know it’s in our best interests and yours for us to offer you the fairest price upfront to keep both of us from wasting our time. That said, we do not pay retail prices – we’re investors, after all and this is our job. But we also streamline the process for selling your land meaning you don’t have to pay commissions or worry about a buyer backing out at the last minute. 

We find that many times when a buyer wants to sell their land by themselves, they end up having the land on the market for a very long time, leading them to reduce the price they originally thought they were going to get while also wasting their time. We also pay you in cash.

We have a very transparent process when it comes to giving you an offer for your land. First, we examine your land. After that, we take a look at other similar lots. We compare sizes, location, and the type of land.

Once we get a good idea of how much the land is worth to a retail buyer, we subtract our fees. These fees cover our time and other expenses as well as a bit of profit. Finally, we make you an offer.

When you work with an agent to help you sell your land, you make an agreement that you will pay them a commission if your land sells. You are often locked in with an agent meaning if you don’t think they’re doing a good job, you might not have other options.

When you work with us, the process is much simpler, faster, and straightforward . We make you a no-obligation offer, you decide if you want to accept, if you do, we send you cash.

No. Our offers are truly no obligation. When we make an offer to you, you can decide to accept it or not. You are in complete control the whole time.

You do not pay any commissions when working with us. As for taxes, liens, and closing costs, we generally pay for those so you don’t have to. We can give you a more accurate answer concerning these fees after you send us your information.

We’ve worked with sellers and have sent them cash in less than a couple of weeks; however, it usually takes a few weeks after contacting us to receive your cash.

No. It’s perfectly legal – and in our opinion, easier – to sell your land directly to a company like ours than go through a real estate agent and pay hefty commissions.

We just need a few pieces of information about the land in order to prepare an offer. Additionally, we’ll need some contact information from you so we can send you your offer.

In the decades we’ve been helping people sell their land, we’ve come across pretty much any situation you can think of. We usually have a solution for your problem – so this shouldn’t be a deterrent to you selling your land. 

Please contact us with your specific situation so we can give you a more detailed answer.

Eagle Cash Buyers is the easiest way to sell your Land without any realtor fees! We buy Vacant Lots in any condition nationwide and can make you an offer within minutes. So if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to sell your Lot, Eagle Cash Buyers is the company for you!


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