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St Joseph Prayer to Sell House: A Guide

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Looking to sell your house fast? You might have heard about using the St. Joseph prayer. This guide dives into how this ancient tradition can help sell your property quickly. We'll explore the prayer itself, the role of the St. Joseph statue, and the right way to bury it. Plus, we'll see if it works for everyone and what to do once your house sells. Whether you're a believer or just curious, this post has something for you. Let's get started.


  • The St. Joseph prayer and novena is sought for quick, successful house sales, prayed over nine days with additional prayers each day.
  • A common practice includes burying a St. Joseph statue upside-down near the "For Sale" sign, believed to enhance the prayer's effectiveness.
  • Success stories and skeptical views vary, influenced by factors like individual faith and market conditions.
  • After selling, retrieving and honoring the buried St. Joseph statue shows gratitude and respects the tradition.
  • Novena (nine-day prayer) vs. daily prayer offers different approaches; effectiveness depends on personal belief and consistency.
  • Additional prayers from the Bible can be integrated for a stronger spiritual appeal.
  • Alternatives like selling to cash buyers offer quick transactions but may come at a lower price point, with the role of faith being significant in the selling process.

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What Is the St. Joseph Prayer to Sell House?

Understanding the St. Joseph Prayer

Many seek the St. Joseph prayer to sell their house fast. This prayer is a novena to St. Joseph. A novena lasts for nine days in a row. Each day, you say a special prayer. This prayer asks St. Joseph to help sell your house fast, easily, and for a good price.

The Traditional and Quick Version of the Prayer

You ask St. Joseph for aid then finish with an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. These are extra prayers you include each day. Each prayer has certain words that you must say exactly right.

For an even quicker result, some choose to bury a St. Joseph statue. This act grows the prayer's power. You can find how to do this in a careful guide. Ted Daigle, a realtor, suggests this shows faith which helps in selling.

No matter your need, trusting in St. Joseph may bring a quick sale.

How Does the St. Joseph Statue Help in Selling Houses?

The Significance of the Statue

The St. Joseph statue practice roots in long-held beliefs. People say it aids in selling houses faster. This comes from tales where St. Joseph helps find buyers quickly. Many believe St Joseph brings luck when selling homes. Cities like Lafayette report success using this method.

Proper Rituals for Burying the Statue

Burial rites are vital in this tradition. First, wrap the St. Joseph statue in protective cloth. Choose a spot near the for-sale sign; it's important for visibility. Face St. Joseph towards your home. This aligns with respected customs from various towns. Always chant the Bury St Joseph to sell house prayer when you bury him. This prayer asks for a fast and profitable sale. Remember Ted Daigle’s approach in Lafayette. He credibly claims that integrating this ritual shows integrity and respect to potential buyers.

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What Are the Steps to Bury St. Joseph Statue?

Choosing the Location

When deciding where to bury St. Joseph, look for a spot in your yard close to your "For Sale" sign. This links the statue to your intent to sell. The belief is that this spot will help summon the best powers of St. Joseph to aid in selling the house.

Burying the Statue: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Wrap the Statue Securely: Often made from special, small plastic, first wrap the statue in a cloth. This shows respect and care for the figure as you place it in the ground.

  2. Dig the Right Depth: The hole should be deep enough to fit the statue, usually about 6-8 inches. This keeps it secure and away from quick disturbance.

  3. Positioning is Key: Always place the statue upside-down. This is key. Point the statue towards the home or the "For Sale" sign. Tradition says this symbolizes St. Joseph’s urgent work to help leave the property by selling it.

  1. Pray: After burying the statue, say the prayer to St. Joseph to sell house. This act of faith is crucial — it’s what charges the ritual with your intent.

  2. Care When Selling: Once you sell your house, make sure to retrieve St. Joseph. This honors him and expresses your gratitude. Place him in a new home of respect, acknowledging the help received.

Using these steps and linking with your belief or hope, the tradition of St. Joseph can become a heartfelt part of your house-selling process.

Can St. Joseph's Prayer Work for Everyone?

Testimonials and Skeptics

Many people share stories of quick sales after saying the St. Joseph prayer. Yet, some remain unsure if it really works. This split forms a curious dynamic around this tradition.

Factors Influencing the Prayer's Efficacy

The answer is not simple. Its success may vary based on individual faith, the market, and more. In places like Lafayette, where realtor Ted Daigle practices, success rates may differ. Ted focuses on integrity and efficiency, aligning somewhat with the prayer's aims. Yet, housing markets vary. While some in booming areas report rapid sales, others in slower markets might wait longer. This variation influences how people view the prayer's effectiveness.

The prayer encompasses more than just words; it's a novena. This means you pray for nine consecutive days, asking for help to sell your home swiftly and profitably. Alongside the main novena, other smaller prayers are also said each day, targeting different aspects of the sale process.

As we dive deeper, it's crucial to understand that the underlying faith and the emotional state of the person praying also play a role. Those who pray with a genuine belief in the outcome potentially experience a more positive result. However, skeptics or those less invested in the prayer's power might not see the effects they hope for.

Overall, while the St. Joseph prayer is a beloved tradition for many, its results may not be guaranteed for everyone. Factors like market conditions, personal expectations, and individual faith significantly shape the outcomes of this ancient practice.

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What To Do After Selling Your House?

Retrieving the Buried Statue

After you sell your house, you must dig up the St. Joseph statue. If you leave it buried, you might forget it as years pass. This could confuse new owners or dishonor the saint's role in your home sale. It's best to retrieve the statue to keep the respect intact.

Showing Gratitude to St. Joseph

Always say thank you to St. Joseph after a sale. People often miss this step. But it's key to showing respect for any help you believe he provided. You can express thanks by placing the statue in a spot of honor in your new home. This act can make your gratitude clear and deepen your connection with the tradition.

Ted Daigle, a dedicated Lafayette realtor, emphasizes integrity in real estate dealings. Honoring such traditions can echo this respect and dedication, aligning your actions with reliable industry practices. Respecting these rituals can make the process more meaningful for everyone involved.

Novena Prayer vs. Daily Prayer: Which Is More Effective?

Understanding Novena Prayer

When you say a novena, you pray for nine days in a row. This type of prayer asks St. Joseph to help sell your house. You pray each day and ask for smooth, quick, and good deals. Many believe this focused praying brings better results due to its intense and consistent nature. Each day, alongside the main request, people often add more specific prayers tying their wishes closely with the divine will.

Daily Prayer for House Selling

Daily prayer doesn’t follow the nine-day cycle. Instead, you talk to St. Joseph every day until your house sells. It is more like a chat with a good friend where you seek help over and over. This method can feel more flexible and less intense than a novena. Some believe that the continuous act of praying daily creates a strong connection with the spiritual realm, possibly speeding up the process.

In overviews of countless stories from cities like Lafayette, where realtors like Ted Daigle advocate integrity in sales tactics, many have shared their success tales tied to both novena and daily prayers. This underscores a common belief that appealing to St. Joseph can truly impact the sale of a house.

The choice between novena prayer and daily prayer depends on what feels right for you. Some people need the discipline of a novena, while others prefer the ongoing nature of daily prayers. Both methods have the potential to be effective, as they draw on spiritual support in your effort to sell your home.

"Image showing St. Joseph Prayer to Sell House guide."

Additional Prayers for Selling Your House Faster

Verses and Psalms for House Selling

When you want a quick sale, mix a Miracle Prayer to Sell Land with the St Joseph Prayer Novena. This can help ask God for aid, not just from Joseph. You call on deeper faith roots here, using words from the Bible itself. This meld of old and new brings a strong spirit push to your need to sell.

People say it works better when you feel the words, not just say them. So, believe what you speak. This belief could be the key to unlock your house sale. There’s a good try in cities with deep religious roots like Lafayette. Here, prayers like these touch not just the practical but the soul of the place.

Combining Prayers for Enhanced Effect

Try adding a novena to the mix. This means you say a series of prayers over nine days. Each day you say your piece — either the traditional prayer or another like the Miracle Prayer to Sell Land. This kind of earnest and repeated call might just be what you need.

Some say the effect comes from the groove you set in the universe. Others find it creates a patience and peace in them, making the sale seem less of a chore. In neighborhoods known for quick sales, like many in Lafayette, this approach might speed things up. Plus, it gives you a daily moment to focus on your hope and effort. These added prayers make not just for a faster sale but perhaps a more fulfilling one too.

Alternatives to Selling Houses With St. Joseph's Prayer

Selling to Cash Buyers: Pros and Cons

When selling your home, considering cash buyers can be smart. They often close deals fast, which means you get your money sooner. No need for banks means fewer delays. Yet, their offers might be lower than market value. Think about this trade-off when deciding. Learn more about selling for cash here.

The Role of Faith in Real Estate Transactions

Faith plays a big part in selling homes for some. For instance, the St. Joseph prayer helps many feel guided and calm in the stressful selling process. The prayer sets a hopeful tone, whether it speeds up the sale or just provides peace. People in many areas use this method, combining tradition with hope. Choices like these often reflect personal values and the cultural importance of faith in our decisions.

We looked at St. Joseph's prayer and how it aids in selling houses, from understanding the prayer to burying the statue, and even what to do after a sale. We also explored if this prayer works for everyone and compared novena to daily prayers. Plus, we checked out additional prayers and alternatives to using St. Joseph's prayer, like selling to cash buyers. In short, faith and tradition offer unique ways to approach selling your home, but remember, results can vary. It's about finding what works best for you.

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