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Here is our step-by-step process we use to help you sell your house for cash.

Our Process

The Process is Much Easier Than You Think.

In just 3 simple steps, you can be done selling your house with cash in your pocket.

All You Have To Do Is…

1. Send Info

Just fill out our simple form giving us some basic details about the house you want to sell.

2. Receive Offer

We'll make an appointment to view your house. After that, you'll quickly receive a no-obligation offer.

3. Get Cash

If you like our terms, simply set a closing date and receive your money.

Ready To Get Your Cash Offer?

Want to know more? Read on to learn more about our completely transparent process.

All The Details

Selling your house can seem like a huge ordeal. The process to sell your house has to be more complicated than that, right? Yes and no.

Let’s pull back the curtain to show you how much money you can get for selling your house.

Our Offer Process

It’s In Our Best Interest To Give You Our Highest Possible Offer. This is the exact process we use to determine how much to offer you for your house.

We get information about your house

Before we can give you a fair offer, we need to know more about its condition. After all, would you buy something without knowing anything about it! We buy houses in all types of conditions, so don’t let your house’s condition stop you from contacting us. We can even do virtual walkthroughs if we need to.

We look at other similar houses

In order to determine the value of your house – and the highest offer we can give you – we look at other similar houses in the area. If you’ve ever heard the term “comps,” this is where that comes into play. The value of your house is directly related to other similar houses in your area by looking at various factors like the house’s condition and its size. We make apples to apples comparisons in order to determine a fair price.

We Put Together Our Offer

It wouldn’t make much sense for us to buy your house for the exact value that it’s worth. After all, we are investors. We need to cover our costs, and we’d like a bit of profit at the end of the day! In exchange for us making that profit, you get cash in hand quickly. We think that’s a pretty fair deal.

Sell Your House Fast For Cash!

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Let's Look At An Example

Imagine the similar houses in your neighborhood – the comps – are valued at $300k. If your house is similar to these other houses – meaning your house is just as big, just as new, and just as nice – your house would also be valued at around the same price after the repairs.

What if my house needs repairs?

Let’s say your house needs some repairs in order to be worth a similar amount to the other houses in your neighborhood. If that’s the case, your house is worth:

After Repair Value – Repair Costs = Current Value

Basically, we take your home, spend the money to fix it up if it needs repairs, and then sell it for a higher amount.



To put it simply…

We find out the value of your house by comparing it to other similar houses in your area and any repairs it requires. Then, we make you an offer that covers our costs and a bit of profit. In exchange, you don’t have to pay agent fees or closing costs, and you get quick cash in your pocket.

It all boils down to:

the market value of your house after repairs – our costs (including our profit) = your offer

When do you get your cash?

After sending us your information, we can close in as little as three weeks, but that’s up to you. We’ll work with you to find out a timeline that meets your needs.

Ready to Start?

We can get the process started in just a few minutes. All you have to do is enter your address and we’ll start working on your quote.

Who is Eagle Cash Buyers?

We are Oren and Kelly and we’ve been helping people sell their houses for over a decade. We help our clients navigate the selling process so it’s not difficult, confusing, or time consuming. When you work with us, we help you every step of the way while getting you a great deal.

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Our Happy Clients

"Eagle Cash Buyer LLC provided professional service. They were easy to work with, and were available throughout the process. I look forward to working with them again."
Brian F.
Fairmont, WV
"I have worked with Eagle Cash Buyers on several deals both personal and Investments. They work well with swiftness and professionalism. Their team is friendly and easy to work with!"
Gannon H.
Columbus, OH
"I received the upmost help from Ms. Kelly with my home. She really went out her way to help me. I can say she is truly an Angel. There are still honest and trustworthy people on this earth."
Carmen G.
Huston, TX

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